2. Sightseeing around

Sightseeing around

Here are some of the highlights of Hakone.

  • Hakone is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan.

    Among Hakone, one of the premier sightseeing spots where you can travel to the extraordinary world in a short time from the city center,
    Here are some of the particularly recommended attractions.
    • Approximately 10 minutes walk from Aura Tachibana

      Shopping Street in front of Hakone Yumoto Station

      Hakone Hakone Yumoto is famous as a town where Hakone souvenirs gather.
      Odakyu Romancecar station of Odakyu Romancecar,
      There is a souvenir shop in front of the station in Hakone Yumoto.
      Good confectionery, seafood, and small parquet items unique to Hakone,
      Take your memories of your stay at Hakone Yumoto and take it home.
    • Approximately 10 minutes walk from Aura Tachibana

      Hakone Yumoto EVA=YA

      In Hakone, the stage of "EVANGELION",
      There is a second store of "EVANGELIONSTORE TOKYO-01" in Ikebukuro!
      Lots of original products only available at Hakone store!  
      It is located in Shopping Street in front of Hakone Yumoto Station, a 10-minute walk from Aura Tachibana.
    • About 15 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Amazake Chaya

      Amazake Chaya is now the 13th owner.
      Edo Period manufacturing method that has not changed since the Edo Period.
      The specialty is additive-free amazake made with only locally grown rice and rice bran.
      And every morning, rice cakes cooked on a charcoal fire.
      We recommend the limited edition Kurogoma Kinako Mochi (rice cakes with black sesame and soybean flour) comes in three flavors and is made with freshly ground sesame seeds every day.
      In the summer, there are many seasonal menu items such as shaved ice made with handmade syrup.
      The shop has a thatched roof and there is an “Irori” in the store.
      You can also enjoy the taste of the Edo Period.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Hakone Shrine

      Tenpyo-hoji first year (757), is founded by Mangan Shonin,
      In the old days, it was called Hakone Sansho Gongen, and it gathered a lot of faith as a sacred place for mountain worship.
      Kamakura period entering the Kamakura period,
      We were respected by the key people of the Kamakura Shogunate, starting with Minamotono Yoritomo, and raised their name.
      There are still many outstanding treasures, including a Wooden Mangan Shonin Seated Statue (National Important Cultural Property).
      It is worshiped as a god of fortune in traffic safety, fulfillment of mental desires, and good luck.
      The 800-year-old cedar tree-lined approach has a very sacred atmosphere.
    • From Aura Tachibana (Hongu Shrine) approximately 30 minutes by car

      Kuzuryu Shrine Hongu

      Sit鎮Ri to Mt Hakone as Kanto Sochinju (local deity) of Hakone Okami
      The power of water, which is the root of life that is created,
      "Kuzuryu God" is the guardian deity of Lake Ashi.
      `` Kuzuryu Shrine・Hongu'' is a sacred place where Kuzuryu born,
      It was held on the shore of Lake Ashi.
    • From Aura Tachibana (Shingu) approximately 20 minutes by car

      Kuzuryu Shrine Shingu

      "Kuzuryu Shrine ・Shingu"
      Hakone Shrine Annual Grand Festival Yoimiya (the eve of the festival) Ryujin Festival Kosui Festival
      It was enshrined in the sacred festival where it was sent.
      Both are enshrined by the same God,
      Neither the will nor the sacredness will be changed.
    • Approximately 30 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Lake Ashi

      It is the most famous and popular view spot in Hakone throughout the seasons.
      In spring, majestic fresh greenery, in summer, Lake Ashi Kosui Festival, fireworks display and lanterns,
      In the fall, you can see the changing leaves, and in the winter, you can see Mt Fuji reflected on the surface of the lake.
      There are many tourist attractions such as an aquarium and a ropeway around the lake.
    • Approximately 30 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana


      A crater created by the explosion of Hakone Volcano about 3,000 years ago
      The “Mt Kamiyama explosion crater” is called Owakudani.
      It is still a popular tourist spot with white smoke coming in from the rock surface.
      The famous “Kuro Tamago” is a popular gem that is said to extend life by 7 years.
    • Approximately 30 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana(Sounzan Station)

      Hakone Ropeway

      It takes about 25 minutes to cover a total length of 4,000m.
      This is the longest ropeway in Japan.
      Hakone Tozan Railway the end of the Hakone Tozan Railway, Sounzan Station, to Owakudani Station, Ubako Station,
      And you can enjoy a stunning aerial walk to Togendai Togendai Station end.
    • Approximately 30 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Chisuji Waterfall

      A small waterfall with a width of 25m and a height of 3m.
      It is a clean waterfall that flows down the mossy rocks like a bamboo shoot.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Hakone Gora Park

      A French-style garden where you can observe various plants such as bougainvillea and tropical plants.
      With a beautiful fountain, Rose Garden, Tropical Plant Pavilion, Bougainvillea Pavilion,
      Hakuun Dochaen and a craft house.
      A variety of hands-on learning is possible and can be enjoyed by the whole family.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Hakone Open-Air Museum

      This is the first open-air museum in Japan where various works of art are displayed in the green nature of Hakone.
      On the vast site of 70,000 square meters,
      Representing modern and contemporary artists such as Rodin, Moore, and Miró
      You can appreciate more than 120 works of masters from Japan and abroad.
      There are also over 300 different collections, hot spring footbaths, and workshops.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      The Little Prince Museum

      An art museum based on the theme of "The The Little Prince" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Saint-Exupéry.
      French-style streets such as restaurants, shops and video halls,
      You can enjoy the European garden.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana


      There are about 450 permanent exhibits such as Japanese and Oriental paintings and ceramics.
      At the entrance of the museum is the “Wind God and Thunder God Screens” with an impact.
      There is a garden of passion, a footbath and a café on a vast site rich in nature.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Hakone Glass no Mori Museum

      Japan's first museum specializing in Venetian Glass Hakone Sengokuhara, which is rich in greenery.
      About 100 Venetian Glass masterpieces are on display.
      The facility also has a cafe, restaurant and glass workshop.
    • About 20 minutes by car from Aura Tachibana

      Lalique Museum, Hakone

      Such as jewelry and glass crafts,
      This museum displays the lifelong collection of René Lalique, creator of various crafts.
      The life of one craft department is there, from indoor fountains, vases, and Orient Express.