2. Beppin Dish

Beppin Dish

Beppin Dish casual. If you notice it, you will have a smile.

We have passion from the bowl so that you can enjoy it with your eyes, as well as the taste, with Japanese-style creative dishes.

Tachibana is a citrus species native to Japan that has only two types in Japan.
Since ancient times, it has been said to be a Tokijiku no Kagunokonomi Tokijikukagunokonomi Tokijiku no Kagunokonomi (a Tokijiku no Kagunokonomi Tokijikukagunokonomi fragrance will not disappear forever)
It is said to have a special meaning as a sacred plant that has both “eternity” and “mystery”.

Luxury seasonal ingredients
Every month, menus are created around seasonal materials,
Many customers are satisfied from appetizers to desserts.

Aura Tachibana Beppin Dish

《Beppin Dish?》
The concept is “beauty, beauty” → “separate item” (beppin) associated with Tachibana's images such as “luster”, “mystery”, “fragrance”, and “forever”.
Please enjoy Aura Tachibana creative cuisine with “Beppin looks” and “Beppin contents”.
  • 《About dinner》

    Please spend a luxurious time on a special day.
    We also offer wines and sake to match the dishes.
    Enjoy mariage with meals.

    ◇Customers staying at “Mori no Tachi”: Mori no Tachi 2F Dining
    ◇Customers staying at Kaze no Tachi: Kaze no Tachi 5F Dining

    ◇First half 18:00 to 18:30
    ◇The second half starts around 19:30
    ◇Please note that dinner cannot be served if check-in is over 19:45.
    ※Detailed time in the second half will be decided on the day. If you can call us after 11:00 on that day, you can tell us.
    If you arrive late, please contact us by phone.
    ◆Tel: +81460-85-5541

    At Aura Tachibana, we do not handle food allergies, food intolerances, or food taboos due to religious or cultural reasons.
  • 《About breakfast》

    Japanese breakfast
    ToMore than 40 kinds of ingredientsTo
    Kinuhikari purchased directly from contracted farmers.
    Bagna cauda using raw crab miso soup and original fresh seasonal vegetables from Mishima brand, sashimi, Dried horse mackerel from Izu and yogurt.
    (※The contents will change depending on the season. )

    Breakfast is the same dining as the dinner venue.
    Three times are available at 7:30, 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning.
    At Aura Tachibana, we do not handle food allergies, food intolerances, or food taboos due to religious or cultural reasons.
    • Japanese breakfast

      Nine kinds of plates

      1.Carefully selected plum, 2. Bibimbap, 3. Radish trout, 4. Dried daikon strips radish, 5. Kinpira burdock, 6. Eggplant and Gen of ginger flavor, 7. Hijiki filled omelet, 8. Plate boiled fish paste, 9. Capelin fungus. Nine types are available in small dishes.
  • Kaze no Tachi Dining

    A relaxing space only for adults who enjoy the quiet time and the fullness of Japanese sensation.
    drink, space, conversation. Please enjoy exquisite mariage where everything melts.
  • Mori no Tachi Dining

    Open kitchen dining in white. An open space with large windows and an open kitchen.
    If I suddenly notice, my heart is getting better. One of the beautiful essences is the sun umbrellas and the fluttering of the trees and sun umbrellas on the terrace.
  • Even in groups

    How about a private room banquet if you have friends?
    Although the number of private banquet rooms is limited, it is ideal for 6 to 20 people. Secretary can also prepare with all-you-can-drink safe.

《Pick up》

  • RoyalBlueTea

    Royal fruit tea that can be enjoyed in a wine glass with food.
    A high-class tea with a passion that uses only hand-picked high-quality tea and water, spends 3 days and 7 days, carefully and carefully in a wine bottle.
    This is the world's first sophisticated Chinese tea that can be enjoyed like wine.

    〈Available at the following locations and times〉
    "Kaze no Tachi Dining"・・・Dinner, Breakfast
    "Cafe&Bar Grove"・・・From 15:00 to 22:00
  • The Uji Kyoto

    Green tea (Uji tea)
    Bamboo tea is tea leaves before grinding green tea with a stone mill. Aroma and sweetness like Gyokuro, pale yellow glitter,
    Superb harmony of mellow sweetness ...
    The balance of Gomi is exquisite. Realizing the real charm of Uji tea.

    glass, ¥ 900 (Tax excluded)
  • Gyokuro Roasted Tea KAHO

    Green tea = Gyokuro Hojicha (Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
    Tea making by Shinya Yamaguchi, a tea teacher based in Yakuro, Japan's premier town of Gyokuro.
    Because the degree of roasting is shallow, it has a rounded taste with a sweet and unique pleasant aroma.
    There is almost no bitterness or astringency, and the taste is light.

    glass, ¥ 750 (Tax excluded)
  • Queen of Blue deluxe

    Blue tea = semi-fermented tea[High fermentation]/Touhou Beauty (Taiwan)
    A gorgeous and noble flavor called the “tea lady”, a masterpiece of royal blue tea.
    The “Eastern Beauty”, named by the British Empire Queen Victoria,
    The finest green tea representing Taiwan that has been loved around the world. Equipped with all Japan Airlines international first class flights.

    glass, ¥ 700 (Tax excluded)
  • Fall in Love deluxe

    Blue tea = semi-fermented tea[Light fermentation]/Frozen tea (Taiwan)
    Although it tastes similar to green tea, the method of roasting the kettle is different, so the light blue is a golden color reminiscent of rice ears, like a young white wine.
    The astringency is elegant and gentle, and the sweetness harmonizes there, giving you a deep expanse.

    glass, ¥ 650 (Tax excluded)